Bike Fitting at VeloInsight

Bike fitting is a process in which a rider evolves over time and it should be looked at as journey to the perfect fit.

  • The Process



    The interview is the most underestimated step in the protocol of a bike fit.  In this phase, we will chat through your history of riding, what you want to get from your bike fit and if there is any injury history or discomforts that may affect the fitting process.

  • 2

    Physical Assessment

    In this step we will take a look at the potential limitations of the your body. This could be anything from tightness, asymmetries or old injuries. We will start with a purely observational approach, looking at the body literally from head to toe. Following on from the observations found, physical tests will be used to look at the range of motion of the body. This will then give us an idea of what to expect and what to focus on in the fit.

  • 3

    Initial Bike Setup

    We will scan and set the bike up in it original position and take baseline measurements. This gives us a good indication of where to start in terms of altering the bike into its ideal position.

  • 4

    Shoe and Cleat Setup

    In my opinion, the shoe and the cleat set up is the most important part of a bike fit and I will usually start here first before making changes to the bike. We will check that the shoe is a correct fit and that the cleat is in the correct position. Stability of the foot will be checked and if needed, insoles may be advised if there is need for additional support. If the foot is not stable this can cause a number of issues further up the line of the body.

  • 5

    Positional Setup

    Changes will be made using the Bioracer motion capture system, in which we will look at saddle height, saddle set back, reach and bar drop. Once these are established, we can then investigate bar width and crank length to look further into optimising the position.

  • 6

    Final Bike Setup

    Once we feel that we have achieved a position we are both happy with, a full review will be given of changes made. You will leave with an updated document with the new post fit measurements but also the pre fit measurements for comparison purposes.